August 08, 2011

It's the Fraud!

With worldwide markets going down in flames, the punditsphere is atwitter with attempts to change the narrative to the need for fiscal stimulus programs to create jobs.  Keynesian prayers won't save us now.

We are here because of an accumulation of financial fraud over decades by corrupt parties, and investors have lost confidence in the legitimacy of the game.  Stock markets are dominated by HFT algos, dark pools, and other shady casino operators.  Central banks are monetizing government debt in broad daylight, while handing largesse to favored banks, hedge funds, and any other players with influence.  Tax loopholes let corporations and the wealthy avoid taxation.  Financial players create unsecured credit at will and dump losses on the taxpayer if their plans go south.  Banks sold fake mortgage securities to investors and try to foreclose on homes they don't own.  Bonds have been turned into exotic synthetic instruments like CDS that represent bets instead of real investment in productive activities, and CDS writers find ways of avoiding payouts or dumping liability on the taxpayer.  Finally, the only thing that economists from Alan Greenspan to Paul Krugman agree on is that governments can just print money indefinitely.

We are here because of a total breakdown in the rule of law and the integrity of currencies.  The masses have lost faith in the legal system that is supposed to protect them from financial fraud.  They are now voting with their bank accounts.

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